Cannes 2018 – Festival De Cannes 2018

{Cannes 2018} Cannes Film Festivals 2018 | Festival de Cannes Cannes Film Festival is also known as Festival de Cannes is an international film festival held every year in Cannes, France. Cannes is a Resort city located in the French Rivera. Cannes is famous for its cars, hotels, beaches, and tourist. Cannes 2018 Cannes Film Festival was founded on 20th September 1946. Festival of Cannes previews movies and documentaries of all Genres from all across the world. The Most reputable award given in this festival is Palme d’Or also known as {Golden Palm}. which is given for the best film. … Continue reading Cannes 2018 – Festival De Cannes 2018

Thanksgiving 2019

Best Thanksgiving Wishes, Messages & Greetings 2019 | When is Thanksgiving 2019 | Thanksgiving Day 2019 Thanksgiving 2019 Thanksgiving Day is also known as the Harvest Festival is a National Holiday in The United States Of America. When is Thanksgiving in 2019? Thanksgiving is Celebrated on the 4th Thursday of November. This Year Thanksgiving 2019 will be Celebrated on the 28th November {Thursday}. Thanksgiving was historically was used to teach the children about how to be a good citizen. It’s time to thank all the good things in our lives. On this day, family reunions and have lavish feasts. Thanksgiving … Continue reading Thanksgiving 2019